Rabbitfield Spring

Crafting & celebrating the treasures of our community

Nestled within the heart of our beloved Redbourn village market, Rabbitfield Spring market stall is a family affair—a testament to the shared passion of Richard and Alice, a father-daughter duo dedicated to crafting and celebrating the treasures of our community.

For us, Rabbitfield Spring is more than just jars of honey; it's the culmination of a legacy being passed down through generations. Richard, a seasoned beekeeper, tends to the buzzing hives that dot the local landscape, ensuring our bees thrive amid the wildflowers that paint our meadows. The result is a golden elixir, rich and sweet, capturing the very essence of our village's flora. As a family, we take pride in each jar, a small but significant harvest of our collective efforts.

Adjacent to the honey, our wood working prowess shines through in our wood turning collection. Each piece, meticulously crafted from locally sourced timber, is a testament to our skill and reverence for nature's bounty. Bowls, key rings, mice and other items bear the fingerprints of the village itself. Every knot and grain tells a story of the trees that once graced our landscape.

At our stall, we don't just sell products; we share stories. With warm smiles, we invite customers to explore the narratives behind our creations. It's a chance to connect, not just with the items on display, but with the very heartbeat of our community. Here, in the heart of the market, we find joy in bridging the gap between the craftsman and the consumer, creating a space where the spirit of our village thrives, one jar of honey and wood turned piece at a time.

If you would like to place an order for honey or woodturning products for the next market for collection, please call or message Richard on 07815 108998 or visit our Instagram : rabbitfieldspring

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